Flexible, integrated solutions

Document Management

Mailroom Services

Our advanced bill review technology is coupled with a fully customizable digital mailroom solution for the receipt and management of inbound medical bills and associated documents. Intelligent business rules seamlessly exchange data between bill review, claims systems and other third-party platforms for comprehensive claims management.

  • PO Box, inbound fax and email management to fit your specific business needs
  • Advanced high-speed scanning and indexing
  • Automated document identification and data capture utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

By outsourcing your inbound document management, your staff can focus on more high-value tasks and your organization is able to amplify cost savings through a truly flexible and integrated solution.

eBill/Clearinghouse Management

Submitters and receivers are brought together through a single connection point to streamline the processing of claims and supporting attachments. Submitters gain the ability to send and validate bills more efficiently while still using their existing practice management systems. Payors are able to reduce paper bill submission through a platform that offers their submitters a variety of formats and connectivity methods.
  • Web-based billing dashboard
  • Advanced pre-adjudication that validates bill submissions
  • Thousands of electronic connections and delivery routes

Through our eBill and clearinghouse management services, providers are able to eliminate lost medical billing, increase productivity, and shorten the payment cycle, while payors increase EDI volumes and enhance auto-adjudication rates.