A total solution for cost containment.

Medical Bill Review

Medical Bill Review

Most bill review companies claim to provide cost containment, but ManageWare goes beyond just medical saving to focus on the workflow and integration opportunities that add value and cost savings for our clients. ReviewWare is a proprietary web-based bill review platform that is fully integrated with all related processes and stakeholders in the medical management continuum, including utilization review, PPO networks, specialty networks, as well as treating providers.

The ReviewWare application can be accessed through our service bureau, where it is operated by our expert staff, or the software can be licensed and used by your staff if you manage your own internal bill review operation.

Bill Review - Service

ManageWare offers a full-service outsourced bill review solution that integrates with multiple PPO and specialty networks. Our regulatory compliance department ensures bills are processed according to the correct and current fee schedules and offers multiple reporting capabilities including post-adjudication state reporting where required.

  • Standard bill adjustment to state fee schedule
  • Specialty review and management of proprietary direct agreements
  • Clinical Audit to identify coding errors or potential fraud
  • Pass-through processing of non-medical bills
  • “Zero Pay” bill EOR processing
  • Large Selection of PPO and Specialty Network Access

Bill Review - Software License

Known for its ease of use, the ReviewWare bill review application is the most advanced bill review application available in the marketplace today.  Designed by bill review experts with years of experience in the industry, ReviewWare is straightforward and enables fast and accurate repricing results. The ReviewWare license model offers all the same features and functionality of ManageWare’s full-service bill review while providing your bill review team the technical support and training for the software.  


There is a full library of standard reports as well as a custom reporting capability available through our reporting module, ReportWare. Reports are set up on a subscription basis and generated on a preset schedule for distribution to the appropriate party. The subscription process is configured during implementation according to specific client requirements, and can be modified as necessary.