Optimized Dashboard and Gateway


The most common frustration payers have today is the inefficient integration in the bill review and utilization review processes. ManageWare offers a single platform for bill review and utilization review that is truly integrated with all related processes and stakeholders in the medical management continuum.

PanDora ties multiple processes into one place, allowing a streamlined way to access critical information, as well as to manage multiple types of approvals. Because PanDora is part of the ManageWare platform, bill review, utilization review, and RX approvals can be managed without the need to log into multiple systems.

PanDora allows for the following transactions:

  • Approve requests for authorization for external applications, without logging in to external systems
  • View status of activities
  • View real-time bill review activities including turnaround time, savings and other metrics
  • Monitor all UR/CM activities
  • View CareWare analytics
  • Track bill activities