Multiple payment methods through a single platform

Medical Bill Payments

Medical bill payment from ManageWare offers payors a streamlined, electronic way to pay their providers.

With real-time access to payment data and enhanced compliance, payors can significantly improve efficiency and achieve substantial cost savings. Eliminate the complexity of payment processing by switching to a payments platform that offers true flexibility and immediate ROI.

Benefits of ManageWare Medical Bill Payment

  • Multiple payment methods for complete control and flexibility
    • Virtual payments
    • ACH
    • eCheck
    • Paper check
  • Remittance Management
  • Full-service IRS 1099 management
  • Access to the largest network of electronic payment accepting providers
  • A single platform for management of all payments
  • Achieve total electronic adoption on day one
  • Reconcile multiple payment modalities with minimal IT requirements
  • Up to 80% reduction in time spent reconciling payments